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Geologist VS Hermitcraft

Not that long ago, I posted about Minecraft in the Classroom. Today, I get to, once again, share how one of my favorite hobbies can be used in an educational setting. Hermitcraft is a Minecraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer) where the server mates make YouTube videos chronicling their adventures. Popular Minecraft Youtubers like EthosLab, MumboJumbo, Grain, Keralis, Bdoubleo100, GoodTimesWithScar, ImpulseSV, TangoTek (my personal favorite), and many others, create this world together.

Most of their videos involve building beautiful structures, creating impressive redstone contraptions, and playing funny pranks/interacting with one another. It is inspiring and funny entertainment based on a game I love, and it would seem I’m not alone. MumboJumbo has over 8 million subscribers and nearly 2.6 billion views on his main channel alone. While this is quite impressive, the important thing to note is his viewership is primarily under the age of 25. Meaning, your students have most likely heard of him.

Mumbo recently released this video, interviewing a Geologist, Catherine Mottram, from the University of Portsmouth’s Geology department. She not only examines the builds of Mumbo and some of his server mates, but she also wonderfully defines geology and provides resources for students of all ages to dig deeper into the subject (pun intended).

She specifically covers why she concludes what type of rock each build most likely represents from real life. Mumbo’s build is most closely matched to a limestone formation. His waterfall, on the other hand, is not exactly realistic, confirming his suspicions.

Next, she examines GoodTimesWithScar’s mountain range and explains why she believes they resemble the Himalayas. She thoroughly explains why they look the way they look and the process by which they would have formed, including metamorphosis, metamorphic rock, and erosion. She also addresses how PearlescentMoon’s rock formation could have formed due to runoff sediment from Scar’s mountains, creating the beautiful color.

Finally, she covers why Bdoubleo100’s mountain is the most realistic. With its gentle curves and how it’s been rounded out, this old-style mountain could easily fit into a Scottish landscape. And what examination would be complete without an appearance by the mountain’s inhabitant, FiFi by the amazing creator, TangoTek?

After watching this video, students could apply this knowledge by making connections to other rock formations around the world. You could also have students examine other builds done by Hermitcraft members or other Minecrafters. Hermit, Cubfan135 for example, created a vast canyon that students would enjoy classifying.

I highly encourage you to use this in your science class when discussing geology. I would especially use this if any of your students enjoy Minecraft. They have most likely heard of MumboJumbo and Hermitcraft. My high schoolers, particularly, would have loved this video. This is the kind of content that can spark a life-long love for a subject.

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