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Clark the Shark read by Chris Pine

Clark The Shark is written by Bruce Hale, illustrated by Guy Francis and read by Chris Pine. Clark is a shark with zing, bang, and boom. Clark zooms into school, crashes through the classroom, and is rowdy at recess. Clark loves life – but when his enthusiasm is too much for his friends, Clark’s teacher, Mrs. Inkydink, helps him figure out a way to tone it down. Clark the Shark celebrates boisterous enthusiasm – and knowing when it’s time for indoor voices.


Hey everybody, welcome to Storyline online brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. My name is Chris Pine. And today we are reading the wonderful book Clark. This short, written by Bruce hail and illustrated by guy Francis. Let us begin. In all of the wide blue C’s in all of the y world. The top school for fish was that Theodore rooster fish element. And if all the fish, Theodore rooster fish, the biggest and the strongest. Ms. Clark. Clark loved school and he loved his teacher. He says. He loved to play upside down Z, spin them a jig with his friends. Clark is life. School is awesome. Shot and Clark sharp, less shouting more reading, said Mrs. Inky denke. Lunchtime. We eat yo Clark the sharp months your own lunch that his best friend Joey macro, recess rocks. Bellowed Clark the sharp you’re applying to rough Clark. The other kids? Yes. Clark who loved his life with all of these Sharkey heart. But he loved every way too much. Too loud, too wild. It was just too much shark. And the other fish to him. After a while no one would play with are known ate lunch. No one sat with them at circle time. Even his best friend, Joy macro said, cool your jets, Clark, You’re making me crazy. One day Clark asked Mrs. Inky doing what’s wrong with every zinc eating pattern is phi1 Clark. Sometimes you play too hard, munch, too hard, gosh, even, even help to art. But life is so exciting, said Clark, there’s a time and a place for everything. Said Mrs. A thing. And sometimes the rule is stay cool at recess or tried to stay cool. But he pushed swing too much zinc. Are sorry, SIM card. I forgot. Yikes. Cratejoy macro. At lunch, Clark tried to stay cool, but everything smells so good. He munched on bronchioles, launches, Saris and I forgot. We’re starving, said his friends. And in-class, Clark tried to stay cool, but a good book got him All Shook Up. Now Clark’s and Mrs. inky drink. This isn’t the time or the place. Tell me what’s the rule? Say col sm card. Hey, that rhymes, he cried. Clark got a big idea and a short head. Maybe if I make a rhyme, I’ll remember every time he thought. The next day he put his plan to work in class when lessons got exciting, Clark went to bounce up out of his stead. He told himself, when teachers talking, don’t go walking. And what do you know? It worked at a boy, Clark said Mrs. Anki, deck parks, mild lessons are fun. At lunch. Everything smells yummy. And when Clark wanted to eat and eat and never stop, he told himself and only munch your own lunch. At work. Way to go. Clark said his friends, Clark, grin, lunches, fun. Playtime. Clark told himself, easy, does it. That’s the way that my friends will let me play. Play time was fun once more, Clark loved his life. But then shadow fell across the playground. A giant norm and shadow with tentacles galore. It’s a new kidney. He looks scary. Cry Joey macro swim for your lives. Squids called wash the slide and it’s snapped off the swing. Oops, by that. So the new kid played, said Clark, he just wants to play. Let’s, let’s find a way. And he swam at the new kid with ALL is my card played harder than he ever had booking more upside down Z, spin them a jig. Why he even made up a new game? Tail one, Columbus. Wow, that was fun. Something new kid ruthlessly. He settled down. If you want to come to school, you got to stay cool. Exact car. That’s right, Clarke’s and this is mg day. And thanks for taking care of our new classmate said this, the array for a killer shark. Everyone shared. That night. Clark’s mother asked, what did you learn at school here? There’s a time and a place for everything. Park said, sometimes staying cool. But sometimes a shark’s gotta do what is sharks got at the end? That was Clark the shark everybody. I think it speaks to all of us, talks about how we all want to do, what we want to do, right? We want to be ourselves and we want a yellow and we want to yell, play, and laugh and have a good time. But as missing eating said, there’s a time and a place for everything and there’s a time and a place to be considerate of other people’s feelings. I think the lesson is be considering. Thank you so much for watching Storyline online. Make sure you check out all of the other stories. Keep watching, keep reading. (As provided by SchoolTube video transcript.)

Standards Alignment

Suggested Grade Level: K – 2nd

The standards listed below are for first and second grade but can be adapted to other grades.

CCSS.SL.K.1, CCSS.SL.1.1, CCSS.SL.2.1, CCSS.RL.K.10, CCSS.SL.1.2, CCSS.SL.2.2, CCSS.RF.K.2A, CCSS.RF.1.2A, CCSS.RL.K.7, CCSS.RL.1.7, CCSS.RL.2.7, CCSS.W.1.1, and CCSS.W.2.1

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