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Carter G Woodson Biography

Carter G Woodson, most well known for being the founder of Black History Month was born December 19th, 1875 in Virginia. His parents were former slaves. Carter was the oldest of nine kids. Due to lack of access, Carter educated himself. When he tried to attend college, he was kicked out due to his race. Finally, in 1903, after the school changed its policy, Carter earned his degree. He then went on to graduate from Harvard University, only one other black person had done so.

Woodson was an author. One of his most famous books was called Mis-Education of the Negro. in 1916 he established the scholarly journal Journal of Negro History and in 1937 the Negro History Bulletin. These aided teachers in the field of African-American Studies.

In 1926, Woodson started traveling to schools and other organizations to establish Negro History Week. His aim was to encourage the study of Black History in schools. In order to honor Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln, Woodson designated their birth month, February, as the time to celebrate this week. Later, the week would turn into Black History Month which we celebrate today.

Because of his dedication to education, he became the Dean at Howard University and the West Virginia Collegiate Institute. Woodson’s life was propelled by his passion for education, specifically education about Black History. He died on April 3, 1950, at the age of 74.

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