Can I Add YouTube Videos to SchoolTube?

Watch Video Overview  or see info and Q&As below: 

 You can now add publicly available YouTube videos to SchoolTube by following the below instructions.

  1. Log in to SchoolTube
  2. Click the “+Add New” button in the header
  3. Select “YouTube”
  4. Enter the link to the YouTube video 
  5. Fill out the details (Title, Tags, Description)
  6. Click Save
  7. After you click “Save”, select the “Published” option
  8. Select the destinations (your channels and schools) you want to publish the video to so users can view it. 
  9. Click “Save” once more

More on Adding YouTube videos:  “YouTube Play-Through”

Leveraging YouTubes embed feature, SchoolTube figured out a fancy way to add YouTube videos to SchoolTube without all of YouTube’s baggage. If you are in an environment that blocks YouTube, videos added from YouTube may not play.  

Q: What do I need to make a Youtube play-through?

A: All you need is a channel on your account that the video can be published to. You also need the URL to the Youtube video you want to add. (Make sure it’s public as those are the videos SchoolTube can show.) 

*Pro-tip: You can create video quizzes out of Youtube play-throughs to enhance your students’ experience. See the video quiz tutorial for more information.

Q: Will my students see inappropriate comments or recommended videos if I link an outside video?

A: No, SchoolTube blocks all comments and recommended content to ensure your students are just seeing what you want them to.