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Brr! 5 Videos about Winter!

It is snowy Jessi lives, so she and Squeaks decided to get cozy and warm inside and watch some of the cool things they’ve discovered about winter! Grab a fluffy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and join them!  This fun video can be used in full or in part as a science lesson.  It can be very helpful for an e-learning day. 

Why Do We Have Winter?

First, let’s learn about why winter even exists.  Well, it’s all about our place in space.  Our planet, Earth, is tilted and as it rotates around the sun, the exposure to sunlight changes creating different seasons.  When our part of the planet is tilted away from the sun, like it is now, it is winter.  During summer, the planet is tilted toward the sun.  This is also why the seasons are different in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern Hemisphere.  It is all about the tilt.

Where Do Snowflakes Come From?

Next, Jessi investigates where snowflakes come from.  Maybe we should call them snow crystals, as each snowflake is made of six-sided frozen crystals.  Way up in the clouds, if it’s cold enough, water molecules can bump into each other and stick together.  The “V” shape of the molecules is what makes the 6 sided hexagons form.  The video shows why this happens in a very cool way.  Also, did you know there are different types of snowflakes?  There are actually over 30!  It all depends on the weather.  


In order to build the perfect snowman, it all comes down to balance.  So let’s take some pointers from experts on balance, building engineers.  A snowman is made of 3 snowballs, a big one, a small one, and one in between.  But why does the biggest ball have to go on the bottom and the smallest snowball has to be the snowman’s head?  Take it from an engineer, the higher parts need the support from the lower parts.  If the lower parts can’t provide that support, because they are too small, the higher parts will topple over.  But, by putting the biggest snowball on the bottom, the medium in the middle, and the smallest on top, all the parts are supported and we get a perfect snowman.

What Do Animals Do in Winter?

Animals don’t have nice heated homes to stay warm in like we do.  What do they do when it gets cold?  Some animals move or migrate to warmer climates.  Some animals hibernate.  Other animals love living in the snow.  They are built for it.  They have warm winter coats that keep them warm.  Their coats are made of fur and feathers.  For example, the Arctic Fox.  In the spring, their fur coat is thinner and brown or gray, but in winter, they grow a thicker white coat to keep them comfortable. 

Local Wildlife in Winter

In winter, local wildlife can be harder to spot.  However, birds can easily be seen.  Some birds migrate, but many stick around despite the cold temperatures.  It can be harder for them to find food during winter.  But people can help!  We can provide food and water for the birds.  We can also help birds build nests!  We can put strings and yarn and other things birds can use to build their nests.  It’s nice to help these beautiful creatures in their most difficult season.  

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