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Bar Graphs for Kids (Grade 1 and Grade 2)

Do you know how to read a bar graph? Do you know the parts of a bar graph? This video lesson on reading bar graphs is here to add some pizzazz to your learning. With real-life examples, the bar charts come with three categories to compare. Packed with simple questions about the total number of data points, how many in each category, and how many more or less to answer, this video lesson is just the thing your grade 1 and grade 2 kids need to excel in interpreting bar graphs. Breakaway from the humdrum of learning with interesting animations that keep your kids entertained while they learn!

Bar graphs are fantastic learning tools. They are quick and easy to understand. With this small training video, your students will learn how to create the perfect bar graph. This tutorial is packed with simple questions and explanations that will help your students understand, read and write the elements of a bar graph.

The basic concepts of bar graphs are explained to your children in a simple way. Even the youngest learners will see how easy bar graphs are to read, and they will become very interested in getting to work with bar graphs in class. Sometimes a graphic is more than a graphic. Bar graphs are one of the most essential educational graphics.