Automatic Negative Thoughts – Meet the ANT Buddies | SEL

This video is a great tool for teaching about negative thoughts and emotions. It helps break down what negative thoughts are and that they are completely normal. This video goes on to help kids recognize these thoughts and keep them from controlling their emotions and behaviors.

A tool to stop the negative thought is to stop, catch it, and examine it. If we can determine where the negative thoughts are true or not. Then we can confront those thoughts. For example, if a thought pops in your head “Ally thinks I’m stupid” we can question this by asking ourselves, can we know the thoughts of other people? Did Ally say that, or are we trying to know her thoughts? What am I really feeling or thinking about myself that I would have this thought? The hardest part is recognizing the negative thought when we have them.

I really appreciate this video’s use of the bug analogy. These negative thoughts can be really annoying and bothersome, just like bugs at a picnic. The bug analogy also empowers people to feel like they can tackle these thoughts, just like they can catch a bug. This is a great video to encourage your students in their Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

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