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Accessing SchoolTube from GG4L/School Passport

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Accessing SchoolTube from School Passport

Welcome GG4L users!  SchoolTube is a K12-focused application for creating, hosting and sharing videos and is now accessible from the GG4L – School Passport application. SchoolTube is a free service supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors. Let’s get started.

Access SchoolTube:

  • First, request data share! Your school or district must request data share with SchoolTube from your GG4L support team. When completed the data sync will create a public and private gallery for each school in your organization as well as 1 personal channel for each teacher. Additional personal channels can be created on-demand.
  • Open School Passport, search for SchoolTube, click to open.
  • You will automatically be logged into SchoolTube and your username will appear in the upper right corner.
  • Menus: In the upper right corner, there is two drop-down menus. Under the + Add New menu is where you can upload videos, link YouTube videos and create videos using the Capture recording tools. Under your username, you will see the folder areas – My Videos, My Channels, My Subscriptions, etc. Those are the folders where your videos are stored and organized.

Learn How to Use SchoolTube.

To maximize your use of SchoolTube, we suggest that you first watch the SchoolTube Showcase Playlist. These two videos will provide an overview of how schools and teachers use SchoolTube as well as a feature overview.

Basic Video Publishing Process. The most important aspect of SchoolTube to learn is the proper video publishing sequence. It is a two-step process. First you save the video to your My Videos folder, and then Publish the video to one or more of your channels. Any video not published to a channel will be held in Private Status until published. Private videos can only be seen by the owner or others to which the order has granted access (co-viewers, co-editor, etc).  Read the Quick Start Guide and watch the tutorial videos to learn more.