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A Solid 15 Minutes Of Science Facts (w/ Mark Rober & More!)

In this video, some of your favorite science YouTubers list weird and wonderful science facts for 15 mins. Some of these mind-blowing science facts you’ve probably never heard of. This is also a great way to find some new science channels to check out. Below the video, we’ve listed all the creators in the video if you’re interested in looking them up.

Science Content Creators

Tom Carroll
Mark Rober
Tom Scott
It’s Okay To Be Smart (Joe Hanson)
Steve Mould
Yes Theory (Thomas Dajer)
Dom Burgess
Sabrina & Friends
Stefan Milo
Sally Le Page
Huw James
Andrew Steele
Corporis (Patrick Kelly)
Alex Dainis
Soph’s Notes (Sophie Ward)
David Ian Howe
Freethink (Chase Pipkin)

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