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A Look Inside Starbase | A Gateway to Mars

Elon Musk is building Starbase, his private city in Texas

The small community has undergone a major transformation since the construction of the rocket launch pad began.

The village has quickly become a destination for tourists, enthusiasts, and curious, but the natural environment and the local context have also changed profoundly: in some cases, inhabitants have sold their homes, while the local fauna, which has always found refuge in Boca Chica, continues to be endangered by the debris left by the rocket launch. 

Starbase will be a city where high infrastructure and hangars for building, testing, and launching Starship rockets will take place. For many, the project will be a functional way to redevelop and lift the county out of poverty, while others wonder what will change in the area when traffic, noise, and construction increase not to mention the increasing prices that are forcing many citizens to move away.

Changes are not only related to Boca Chica but to the whole region in southern Texas: just consider as an example San Antonio, a city that in the last few years has expanded relentlessly, becoming one of the largest in the USA, occupying its surrounding hill territory.