A Day in the Life of a Spine Surgeon

Get a first-hand look at what a normal day looks like for Dr. Vaccaro, spine surgeon, father of 5, and President of Rothman Orthopaedic Institute in Philadelphia. Join Dr. Vaccaro for a 24-hour day, from meetings to surgery to dinner at home with the family.

Healthcare will always have excellent job and career opportunities for caring individuals. There are a wide range of types of jobs available in healthcare, from nursing to doctors, nutrition to therapy, and everything in between. Healthcare Support Workers Job Summary. As a healthcare support worker, you will be responsible for assisting and caring for patients in a fast-paced and dynamic clinical environment. You will be expected to change dressings, take vital signs, and ensure that each patient has a comfortable and safe area to recover in. This video highlights a small segment of the healthcare career fields for your enlightenment.