6 Key SchoolTube Features for Media, Journalism and Film Teachers

To submit a ticket to Support, please go to:

To submit a ticket to Support, please go to:

SchoolTube offers 6 Key Video Features for Media, Journalism, and Film, that are FREE!* and easy to use. Media, Film, and Journalism classes publish many videos, whether for school news shows, yearbooks, or class assignments or projects, and all that video needs to be organized, accessible, and shareable. The 6 key video features offered by SchoolTube will help media, film, and journalism teachers keep their videos organized and classes running smoothly.

1) Unlimited Video Channels and Playlists

Teachers and students can create personal video channels by class, project, grade, year, etc.  Channels can be shared by their unique URL, enabling subscriptions so your students and fans can follow them. Within each channel, users can create playlists to further organize videos by category, subject, etc. Each channel can be set with public or private viewing status. Playlists do not show related content, so they are a great way to share your videos without distraction. Here are some great examples:

District Channel Example: Grand Island NY District

Superintendent’s Channel: Ladue Schoool District

Tutorial Playlist: How to Create Channels & Playlists on SchoolTube

2) Automatic Closed Captioning.

By law (the ADA Act), all videos shared by K12 schools must offer closed captions. As videos are uploaded to SchoolTube English captions are automatically applied. As such, SchoolTube helps keep you in compliance, with no effort, and at no extra expense. Users can edit the captions record to correct spelling errors and special words. A full transcription is also created and linked to the video page, available for viewer download. SchoolTube also offers captions in 12 ethnic languages, including Spanish. (Additional fees apply.)

Learn: SchoolTube caption editing

3) Ad-Free Video Embeds

The SchoolTube video player can be embedded in school, class, or student websites. Most importantly, embedded videos are played ad-free!! Individual videos can be embedded as well as playlists. Embedding playlists is a great way to share content. Once the playlist is embedded, there is no need to re-edit the web page, just upload a new video to the playlist and it will automatically appear on the web page! No risk of having an unwanted ad spoil your great production. Here are some great examples of SchoolTube video embeds from the media production class at Ladue High School in St. Louis. Here is some great playlist embed examples.

Student Website Sample:  Annabella Productions

Student Website Sample: Reel Life Films

Media Class Morning News Show: LHS-TV & Films

4) Video Collaboration Controls

Teachers and students can control who can view, edit, and publish their videos and channels. For example, students can give their teacher’s co-publisher or co-viewer status, creating a one-to-one relationship on select videos. Similarly, a teacher could give all their student’s contributor status to a designated channel – creating a central, secure and private student assignment collection channel. There are many ways collaboration controls can be used in media and journalism classes.

Tutorial: How to Add Members & Contributors to a Channel

5) Built-In Camera, Screen & Audio Record Tools

SchoolTube offers two built-in apps for creating recordings: Express Capture and Screen and Audio Record. Express Capture activates the device camera and is great for making “selfie videos” where you are the star.  When activated, Screen and Audio Record allows the user to record all or a portion of their screen and their camera and audio feeds. Both apps allow for an alternate camera and mic activation. These are great tools that schools often pay extra for, which are free on SchoolTube!

Tutorial: How to use Express Capture

Tutorial: How to use Screen & Audio Record

6) Safe YouTube Video Linking

If you share or want to share content from YouTube with your class, the safest way is to link YouTube videos to a SchoolTube account. Doing so plays the video through SchoolTube while removing YouTube ads, suggested videos, and comments. The process is subject to your web filter settings, so if sharing YouTube videos with your class is essential, we recommend contacting SchoolTube to discuss it in advance.

Tutorial: How to Link YouTube Videos to SchoolTube