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5 Vertical Farms Run by AI and Robots

One of the oldest and most fundamental professions in the world is agriculture and farming and looking back, humanity has come a long way over the millennia in how we farm and grow crops with the evolution of various technologies. Over time, as the world population continues to grow and land becomes more scarce, people have realized the need to get creative and become more efficient in farming.

With the population of the world being the largest it has ever been, the responsibility to feed this ever-growing population is getting harder and harder which is why experts think that vertical farming is the future.

Farming is the characteristic activity that takes place on a Farm, and typically it involves the management of a biological process, such as growing crops or raising livestock for the purpose of harvesting products or reproducing a biological means of production. Farming Agriculture is an established industry that has plenty of opportunity for growth. Field and livestock farming are excellent career opportunities that allow students to gain experience while still in high school which translates to a full-time job either in this industry or another after high school.