5 Things to Know BEFORE You Become a PLUMBING APPRENTICE

When you’re seriously considering becoming a plumbing apprentice, you have a TON of questions. That’s perfectly acceptable. So in this video, learn 5 things you need to know before you become a plumbing apprentice. These tips will help you in your plumbing career early on and might even help you decide if you want to become a plumbing apprentice in the first place.

Under the direction of an assigned supervisor, the Skilled Trades Worker performs a wide range of semi-skilled and skilled tasks including maintenance work, repairs, and construction duties; performs sub-journey level work in multiple trades; performs regulatory testing and preventative maintenance work. Skilled trades include plumbing, welding, electrical work, carpentry, HVAC installation and repair, solar panel or wind turbine installation, and some manufacturing jobs. The duties of skilled workers are to physically build, repair, or maintain. Any job that requires advanced training but not a college degree is usually considered a skilled trade. Preparation for these careers comes from a mix of practical experience and an apprenticeship under a skilled worker. For example, a furniture maker may spend several years learning the trade from a person with a cabinet-making business before becoming a journeyman. This video features one or more skill-based jobs. Check out this video for a closer look at some of these job skills being highlighted for your enjoyment.