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1st Grade Songs

This video is 30 minutes of songs for first graders from Scratch Garden. There are songs for English Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies (ie SEL). There is a complete list of the song titles and timestamps below the video for quick reference. These songs are great to play when you need some background music in the classroom. They are also great for reinforcing specific topics and pair well with those lessons. Use this video rather than trying to search through a playlist for a specific song.


  • 0:00 The Long & Short Vowels Song
  • 1:52 The Sentence Song
  • 3:35 The Prepositions Song
  • 5:41 The Five W’s Song
  • 7:00 The Colors Song | The Colours Song
  • 9:13 The Months of the Year Song
  • 10:32 The Seasons Song
  • 13:20 The Sun Song
  • 15:13 The Counting by Twos Song
  • 17:00 The Spelling the Numbers Song
  • 22:12 The Counting by Fives Song
  • 24:36 The Patterns Practice Song
  • 26:53 The Counting by Tens Song
  • 28:35 The Courtesy Song

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